Jaguar 1955 XK140MC Head


New arrival! This XK140MC comes complete with valve covers.

Head # G2420-8S.

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Jaguar 1958 XK150 Head


New arrival! This XK150 comes mostly complete.

Head # V5059-8.

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Jaguar 1960 XK150 Engine, 3.4 Liter


This 3.4 liter XK150S engine has a matching head and block, and comes with the full intake manifold, carburetors, and air filter assembly.  It comes with the full gearbox complete with overdrive.

Engine and block numbers are VS 2017-9.

Gearbox number is JLS41718 CR.

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Jaguar 1968 To 1971 E-Type 4.2 Series II Drive Train

This Series II 4.2 E-type drive train is pretty much complete, as you can see in the pictures. The whole drive train was pulled out of one car and it shows no signs that have been dismantled. Head and block match. 
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Jaguar 1971 Series III V-12 E-Type Engine


This V-12 engine came out of one of the first V-12 E-Types produced! It was actually manufactured in 1970, as you can see with the ribbed cam covers that it is an early engine.  The number is 7S1222SA and it is shown in one of the photos.  The engine has 10-1 compression, which is higher than the later V-12 engines.  This engine will need rebuilding.

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